Downtown Development Board


The mission of the Orlando Downtown Development Board (DDB) is to strengthen the role of downtown Orlando as the economic, governmental and cultural center of Central Florida. The DDB is responsible for the planning, implementation and administration of the city’s core area redevelopment and development program.

About the Board

The Downtown Development Board (DDB) is a five member board and agency of the City of Orlando that was created by Special Act of the Florida Legislature in 1971 (codified as Chapter 18 of the Charter of the City of Orlando) (the “Act”). The Board meets the fourth Wednesday in every month, plans and projects designed to stimulate private investment are implemented within the 1,000 acre boundary.

The Board was created to give property owners within the Orlando Central City Neighborhood Development Area a vehicle to directly impact revitalization of the area and preserve property values and prevent future and reduce present deterioration within the Area.

Board members are appointed for three year terms by the Mayor of the City of Orlando with the concurrence of City Council. In accordance with the Acts, the Board levies an ad valorem tax within the Area of one mill on each dollar of tax base.  The Board’s fiscal year is the same as that of the City of Orlando, October 1-September 30.  As a Florida special district, a unit of special purpose local government, Part III, Chapter 112, Florida Statutes, provides general pertinent ethics rules applicable to the DDB.

Part III, Chapter 112, Florida Statutes

Board Members

Current board members are:

  • Monica McCown, Chair - Make It So Strategies
  • Eugene Jones, Vice Chair - Valencia College
  • Kimberly Stewart - KRS Wealth Management
  • Rachel Moalli - Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts
  • Steve Garrity - Highwoods Properties