Project DTO

In 2014, the Community Redevelopment Agency launched a new initiative to chart a path for the evolution of downtown Orlando over the next ten years and beyond. This stakeholder driven initiative was named Project DTO – Advancing Downtown Orlando.

Project DTO was a comprehensive visioning process, with its primary elements including the DTO Vision Plan and the new DTOutlook, the updated downtown Orlando Community Redevelopment Area Plan to act as a roadmap to achieving the envisioned downtown.

This process emphasized heavy public and stakeholder outreach, including crowdsouring and interactive public experiences to gain insight into the community’s needs and interests by nearly 100 community stakeholders.

10 Vision Themes for Downtown Orlando:

  • An Awesome Outdoor City
  • Highly Connected Neighborhoods and Districts
  • The Best Education in Florida
  • A Great Place for Business
  • A Creator Culture
  • An Iconic Visual Identity
  • Stellar Music, Arts, Sports and Entertainment
  • A Community that Takes Care of its Own
  • Celebrate our Diverse Culture and Heritage
  • A City Built for the Future

One might ask, “What can I expect to see in the future?” Recommendations from Project DTO span from improving bicycle and pedestrian amenities, to increasing parks and open space, to recruiting major corporate anchors and high wage jobs, to expanding neighborhood associations and housing options, to encouraging architecture that creates a signature skyline in our downtown.

To read more about the future of downtown Orlando, view the documents below:

DTO Vision Plan