Project DTO

Project DTO was a comprehensive visioning process launched in 2014 by the Community Redevelopment Agency focused on advancing downtown Orlando. It resulted in the creation of two vital plans: the DTO Vision Plan and DTOutlook, the updated downtown Orlando Community Redevelopment Area Plan. Together, these plans chart the vision for downtown Orlando’s future and identify fundamental big ideas expressed by the community.

Recommendations from Project DTO span a wide array of ideas and initiatives that include: improving bicycle and pedestrian amenities, increasing parks and open space, recruiting major corporate anchors and high-wage jobs, expanding neighborhood associations and housing options, and encouraging architecture that creates a signature skyline in our downtown.

Explore plans below:
DTO Vision Plan


DTOutlook Part II 2023 Amendment

Project DTO 2.0

To convert vision into reality requires a data-driven action plan. Project DTO 2.0 launched in February 2022 and builds upon earlier visioning work by creating a master plan for downtown Orlando that spans mobility, uses, and spaces–three systems that contribute to our experiences with downtown. Master planning downtown Orlando will involve several phases conducted throughout the year beginning with a Walkable City Audit to analyze mobility and downtown’s streets.

Join us and stay connected to findings, strategies, and concepts that will emerge throughout 2022 to shape the future of our downtown.

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