Downtown Orlando Office of Nighttime Economy

Downtown Orlando is Central Florida’s epicenter of authentic, local nightlife, spanning visual and performing arts, events and festivals, sports, live entertainment, restaurant, club, bar, and lounge destinations. The unique nature of downtown’s nightlife, coexisting within the center of the world’s vacation destination, inspired the Downtown Development Board to create the Office of Nighttime Economy in 2017.

The mission of the Office of Nighttime Economy is to recognize the value and vitality of downtown Orlando’s nighttime economy industry and support its dynamic needs.

The Office is focused on advancing and enhancing the opportunity economy as it relates to nighttime business owners and operators by initiating and helping to facilitate public-private collaborations, advancing policy reform, monitoring innovations in other communities, and developing programs that aim to balance the needs of downtown’s businesses day and night for the benefit of all.

We know that by fostering an environment that helps our current hospitality entrepreneurs thrive, downtown will continue to attract new operators and retailers, amplify our event culture, magnetize more visitors, and turn up day-to-night vibrancy.