Community Redevelopment Agency


The mission of the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is to aggressively pursue redevelopment and revitalization activities within the 1,664 acre Downtown Redevelopment Area. The CRA’s emphasis is on providing more housing and cultural arts opportunities, improving long-term transportation needs, and encouraging retail development, while the Conroy Road and Republic Drive Redevelopment Areas focus on transportation.


The City of Orlando’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was created in 1980 by resolution(PDF, 36KB) of City Council pursuant to Part III, Chapter 163, Florida Statutes. A tax increment trust fund was established and serves as a revenue source for project and program activities plus maintenance of infrastructure.

Pursuant to the resolution, the seven members of the Orlando City Council serve as the members of the CRA. The CRA was established to reduce and eliminate slum and blight conditions within various areas of the City of Orlando.

The CRA follows the same fiscal year as the City of Orlando, October 1–September 30. The CRA does not impose any additional taxes or fees, but pursuant to section 163.387, Florida Statutes, is rather funded by general ad valorem tax revenues generated from increases in property values within each CRA Area since its creation. As a Florida special district, a unit of special purpose local government, Part III, Chapter 112, Florida Statutes, provides general pertinent ethics rules applicable to the CRA.

CRA Members

Project DTO

Project DTO was a comprehensive visioning process launched in 2014 by the Community Redevelopment Agency focused on advancing downtown Orlando. It resulted in the creation of two vital plans: the DTO Vision Plan and DTOutlook, the updated downtown Orlando Community Redevelopment Area Plan. Together, these plans chart the vision for downtown Orlando’s future and identify fundamental big ideas expressed by the community.

The DTOutlook Part II 2023 Amendment was adopted by Orlando City Council on Monday, July 17, 2023 and can be viewed here