Won't You Be Our Neighbor?

Last updated on November 04, 2022

We all know someone who wants to move to Orlando. As we continue to grow our housing stock downtown, it’s also important that we ensure access to quality, affordable housing for all. To help us get closer to that goal, yesterday City Council approved funding for The Beacon. 

The Beacon – a seven-story, multifamily residential complex - is slated to be developed in Creative Village. This 190-unit project will include affordable units as well as market rate.  

Affordable housing continues to be one of the most complex challenges facing cities across the nation. We’re committed to providing affordable housing options to anyone who wants to live in #DTO, as well as improving the variety of housing options, and ensuring long term affordability. 

When will these shiny new units be ready? Well, that’s still to be determined, but we look forward to welcoming our new neighbors in the future!


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