Rising Up Parramore

Last updated on September 15, 2022

Downtown Orlando is surrounded by art everywhere you go. On September 7, CREW Orlando unveiled a new mural located on the City View apartment building (101 S. Terry Ave). This seven-story mural was created in collaboration with the City of Orlando, Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corporation, Orlando County Regional History Center, and local female artists of color.  

The theme of the mural is “rising up” against all odds and the community contributions that made  it happen. The people in the mural include educators, doctors, nurses, community leaders, lawyers, musicians, and artists while the green border represents the Green Book, a guidebook that included lodging, businesses, and gas stations that  served people of color. The pillars symbolize the people of Parramore holding the community together.  

You can check out this iconic mural at 101 South. Terry Avenue.  


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