Pump up the Fitness

Last updated on December 29, 2020

With a new year, comes the opportunity of a fresh start and new beginnings. Kick off the new year by starting your new fitness journey. Downtown has several places to pump up your fitness routine including:

Lake Eola Park

The beautiful Lake Eola Park is an amazing landscape to your new walking or running routine. The loop is 0.9 miles long and is dog friendly.

F45 Training

F45 Training provides 45- minute HIIT workouts focusing both on strength and cardio sessions. Their workouts help burn body fat, increase muscle mass, and improve everyday functions.

Blue Swan Boulders

Blue Swan Boulders is a 15,000 sq ft. indoor climbing and bouldering gym. They offer 125 boulder problems for climbers of every skill level.

Orlando Urban Trail

Downtown has miles of beautiful bikeways to enjoy. The Orlando Urban Trail is 3.3 miles long and meanders around six lakes and two bridges, including the Colonial Drive Overpass.


At YogaMix Orlando, enjoy their bright and fresh yoga studio where they have their own twist on yoga mind, body, and spirit fitness. If you prefer to workout at home, they even offer on-demand and virtual fitness classes. 

The Pilates Loft

At The Pilates Loft, their goal is to reshape your body and stimulate your mind. They offer virtual and in person stretch and mat classes.

CKO Kickboxing

During one of CKO Kickboxing classes, you burn fat, reduce stress, and tone up. They have fun and engaging classes with basic punches and kicks to keep you focused on the fitness aspect of your workout. 

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