LYMMO Orange Line Detour Update

Last updated on December 06, 2021

The LYMMO Orange Line has been extended to Creative Village. Now you can travel to Creative Village from the heart of the Central Business District. 

This route extension will be performed on the following detour:

Link 60
Regular route to Amelia St. & Hughey Ave. 
Continue straight on Amelia St. LYMMO lane to Terry Ave.
L - on Terry Ave. LYMMO lane to bus stop on Terry Ave.,
Layover at Livingston St.
L - Livingston St. LYMMO lane to Hughey Ave.
Continue straight under I-4 utilizing the regular traffic lane
L - Livingston St. at Garland Ave.
L - Livingston St. LYMMO lane
Continue on normal route.

Click here to view the routes and schedules. 


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