Granite Telecommunications is Growing in Downtown

Last updated on July 25, 2022

We all know how important our technology is to our day to day lives. From those back-to-back meetings to endlessly scrolling on TikTok during your "break," having flexible technology solutions is essential.  Granite Telecommunications provides one-stop solutions for voice, data, internet, wireless, video and more. Their goal is to create a flexible communications solutions tailored to their customers.

Orlando City Council approved a package of actions including the Public Transportation Incentive, Downtown Living Incentive, and STRIVE to support the growth of Granite Telecommunications - a $1.75 billion provider of telecommunications services that administers one-stop solutions for voice, data, internet access, wireless, video, and secure network options.
With this support from the City of Orlando, Granite Telecommunications plans to grow their existing downtown offices and create 25 new jobs over three years with a median annual salary of $65,300, which is 115% above the average annual private-sector wage in Orange County.
Innovative companies and industries are essential to strong demand growth. By offering programs like the High Wage/High Value Program, STRIVE, and more, the city helps encourage job creation and removes obstacles for job growth, thereby stimulating economic recovery in our downtown.


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