Five New Businesses in Downtown

Last updated on December 17, 2020

Downtown Orlando continues to welcome new businesses for you to explore. Five new businesses have recently opened their doors.



Bynx is a vintage cafe that sells used vinyl records, hard-to-find books, and unique ephemera. The location also features a recording studio to be used for podcast, vodcast, music, and more. 


HÄOS on Church

HÄOS on Church brings a new concept of delicious “Cuisinary” to Orlando’s popular Church Street. From vegetarian to meatatarians, there is something for everyone. Upstairs they showcase some of Orlando’s finest Entertainment.


F45 Training

F45 Training provides 45 Minute HIIT workouts focusing on both strength and cardio sessions. These workouts help burn body fat, increase muscle mass, and improve everyday functional movements.


La Boulangerie French Bakery

La Boulangerie is a bakery with strong French influence which emphasizes the usage of fresh and wholesome ingredients. For nearly 30 years, they are proud to serve locally grown products in their baking and cooking.



The Vanguard is an expansive concert venue featuring world-class production quality. 


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