DTO 50: Burrell's Shoe Repair & Shine

Last updated on August 05, 2021

Burrell’s Shoe Repair & Shine has been around long before it was established in the downtown Orlando area in 1982. Originally, the business was owned by John Burrell Sr. who shined shoes in Apopka with his son John Burrell Jr. At only 8 years old, Simuel Burrell, son of John Burrell Sr., worked alongside his family to shine shoes until one day they passed the business over to him. Although the business started in Apopka, Simuel moved his business all around the country. In 1976, Simuel noticed many people were in need of shoe repairs and saw an opportunity to grow the business. In July 1982, he expanded the business into Burrell’s Shoe Repair and Shine and opened his shop to downtown Orlando.

Simuel mentions some of the most notable moments while running his business occurred when he had the opportunity to expand and to educate others on quality shoes and how to care for them. Today, people travel across the city - and sometimes the state - to get their shoes shined at Burrell’s Shoe Shine and Repair. Simuel dreams of owning his very own school to teach veterans and ex-convicts how to repair and shine shoes. Having been in downtown Orlando for over 35 years Simuel Burrell has seen the development of downtown Orlando first-hand and says “I’ve seen lots of growth, lots of new buildings, lots of people moving around, and I love it".

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