Beautification of the Parramore Community Garden

Last updated on February 11, 2021

Community gardens are spaces for neighbors to come together and grow wholesome and healthy food for their families. Located at 654 West Robinson Street, the City of Orlando's Parramore Community Garden is an oasis of hope in the Parramore community. In December 2020, the Parramore Community Garden received a $50,000 donation from the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Foundation.

Since the donation, limbs were cut from trees, raised plots borders were repurposed, the overgrown plants were cleared, and 19 individual plots and herb gardens were uprooted and leveled. Volunteers also joined garden members by assembling vertical planters, composting bins, utility shed, greenhouse, and picnic tables.

Community gardens provide a wonderful opportunity for families to learn about how food is grown and to garner an appreciation for where their food comes from. They are places for new gardeners to get their hands dirty, and for seasoned gardeners to pass their knowledge on to newcomers. 

 To learn more about City of Orlando community gardens, click here

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