Introducing PrettySMART Studios: Creative Oasis in the Heart of DTO!

Last updated on April 17, 2023

PrettySMART Studios is an event space and media production company founded by creatives for creatives. Orlando provides the perfect backdrop for the owner, Shannon Ligon, due to all things entertainment including arts and sports - because of the city’s commitment to growth. Between spending years in and out of music recording studios and movie sets, she is excited to help creatives local to Orlando. 

To celebrate her 15th year of business as a lawyer living and working in Orlando, along with being a founder of the PrettySMART brands, Shannon is excited to launch her latest creative venture, PrettySMART Studios Orlando in the South Eola neighborhood at 420 E Church St Unit 116. PrettySMART Studios is designed to serve the creative community as a shared co-working space, while providing media services such as photography, videography, project and music management, and event or production space for others. 


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