Downtown Events and Meetings Program

Are you looking to attract more customers for overnight stays downtown? 

The Downtown Development Board’s (DDB) Downtown Events and Meetings Program is designed to support lodging establishments located within the Downtown Development Area and make them more competitive with other meeting hotels within the Orlando area. The program will provide limited grants to lodging establishments to assist them in attracting groups and organizations for overnight stays downtown.


  • Maximum funding is $6,000 per meeting/event
  • Hotel must book a meeting/event which includes overnight stays of at least 50 room nights total
  • Items for which funding requests may be made include, but are not limited to: parking, transportation to and from the hotel upon arrival/departure, room rate reduction, hotel audio visual costs, WiFi costs, group dining costs (not to include room service or alcoholic beverages)
  • Funds requested vs. the proposed revenue generated by the booking will be used in determining amount of funding granted, if any
  • Application does not guarantee funding and funding is not approved unless and until the Executive Director or his designee approves such funding in writing to applicant
  • Proof of expenditure must be submitted with an invoice to the DDB for reimbursement


Step 1.Check your eligibility

Your business must:

  • Be located within the DDB boundaries
  • Book a minimum of 50 room nights at one (1) property

Step 2.Review restrictions and conditions

  • Approval from the DDB must be received prior to the meeting/event occurring
  • Items such as in-room food, taxes, alcohol, and pay-per-view are excluded
  • One (1) original application and all required supporting documentation must be received by the DDB as soon as possible after the request is received by the hotel.
  • Any application that is not complete will not be considered. Any funds granted are for this specific meeting/group and are not transferrable to another.

Step 3.Submit your application

Submit Application 

Step 4.We will contact you with our decision

We will email you and ask any additional questions if necessary. If approved, we will send you a Meeting Summary Form for documenting your event.

Step 5.If approved, host the event and submit a Meeting Summary Form within 30 days

Your Meeting Summary Form must include:

  • All requested information.
  • An invoice for the amount approved, on the organizations letterhead, along with a W9.

If the deadlines are not met or the post-event documentation is not submitted, funding will not be dispersed.

Step 6.Receive your funding once we accept your Meeting Summary Form