Stigma Tattoo Bar

Central Business District

17 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL

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Phone Number: 407.615.6926

About This Location


Services offered:
Award winning Tattoo artists that ONLY offer Custom work, every piece is unique.
Cover-up/repair work
Permanent make up
Blacklight Tattoos
Body Piercing
Micro Dermal anchors

Pole & other Fitness Classes, such as Burlesque, Chair Dance & Cardio Gogo. The most basic moves will start to strengthen arms & hands in no time. As the moves get more advanced so does your core strength. It is the MOST fun workout & best of all you feel sexy when you finish class!

Our boutique stocks a wide range of Jewelry including Silver, Surgical Steel, Titanium, Organic such as Coconut, Ebony, Bone, horn.
We also have a Custom clothing range for guys & girls. Tattoo inspired shirts & outfits perfect to work out on the pole.

We often have Model Photoshoots for the tattoo industry & product promotion. With a sexy yet welcoming decor & interesting features like no other venue downtown. Plenty of room to relax, Stigma is unlike ANY other tattoo studio, ANYWHERE!

We also have a beer & Wine license, so our clients can enjoy a great selection of refreshments right at Stigma. A group Pole or Burlesque class is perfect for a birthday or batchelorette party, even an after work team building excercise. we offer package classes that make a group night simple & easy, most of all WAY MORE FUN than usual!

The Point of Stigma is to be free from your usual confines. Whether you add your 10th tattoo, learn or get something new you will undoubtedly experience something very different. Perfect for couples to spice up their life, or friends to have a great time. At Stigma there is NO SHAME!