Lake Eola Charter School, Charter School

Central Business District

135 N Magnolia Ave
Orlando, FL

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Phone Number: (407) 246-0900

About This Location

Grades: K – 8th. Lake Eola Charter School was conceived eleven years ago, approved in 1998 and has completed its ninth year of operation. The first year presented the challenges of the actual physical plant; the second year the challenges of fiscal stability; the third year the challenges of a fine-tuning a first class curriculum. The school is proud to report that they have been in their Magnolia Avenue facility for the seventh year and that they have achieved fiscal stability, a remodeled school and a curriculum that resulted in Lake Eola Charter School receiving another “A” as part of the Governor’s Award Program and an accompanying check for the fifth year in a row. These are not small feats, but accomplished nevertheless through the cooperation and hard work of parents, students, staff and business partnerships. Lake Eola Charter School possesses all that is advantageous to being a City school. The students have access to the public library for checking out books, completing research and participating in weekly storybook time. The children are able to attend Bach Lunch Recitals at St Luke’s Cathedral across the street from the school in both the fall and the spring. Physical education classes are held either at Lake Eola Park or the City Recreation Center. Children also have the opportunity to attend cultural events at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre as well as functions at City Hall. All of these opportunities conjoin to help realize the goals of the school.