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Hillcrest Elementary School , Public School

Eola Heights

1010 E Concord St
Orlando, FL

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Phone Number: (407) 245-1770
Fax: (407) 245-1779

About This Location

Grades: K-5th, Hillcrest is a proud part of the Orange County Public School System. As our area is the destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists and immigrants from all over the world, our State and County have a significant need for effective bilingual education. Hillcrest has been meeting those needs for over 20 years. The Foreign Language Academy was created to provide the opportunity for all our students, English and non-English speaking, to become bilingual. English speaking students have the opportunity to study Spanish or French. Non-English speaking students study English as their second language. Hillcrest is located in the historic Eola Heights area of Downtown Orlando. With brick streets, huge old oak trees, and friendly neighborhoods, Hillcrest is a pleasant part of our community.