Great Harvest Bread Co.

Central Business District

101 Lake Avenue

Orlando, FL

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Phone Number: 407.930.6077

About This Location

Brad and Rachel Cottle are a husband and wife team focused on finding healthy options to delicious foods. They also wanted to bring some of their childhood with them across the US. Great Harvest is a slice of their life that they wanted to share with the Orlando community they have grown to love. Great Harvest is a “freedom franchise.” It is locally owned and operated, with Brad milling the wheat and mixing the ingredients every morning to make fresh breads and goodies, but they also get the support of a like-minded community of other franchisees sharing ideas and recipes. The bread they bake is fresh and they only use honey to sweeten their bread.
 Brad has worked his entire career in hospitality and education, spending the last 8 years at the major theme parks. So the natural progression of work is to open a bakery. The Cottle family is excited to see you and your family. So come and enjoy a slice of delicious bread on us.