Central Business District

33 West Church Street
Orlando, FL

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Phone Number: 407.649.4270

About This Location

Simply say the words “Church Street” to anyone who has ever been to downtown Orlando, and they will most likely say, “Chillers”. Chillers is synonymous with good times in Orlando and the place where locals and visitors from across the globe have come to make memories since 1992. Chillers is a unique venue in Orlando in that it is the only frozen daiquiri party bar of its kind, which makes it a great place to cool off on a warm Orlando night. Chillers also features craft beers, premium liquors and just about anything else your heart desires.
Their guests come back every week to enjoy dancing and the Key West-style relaxed atmosphere. The two levels of Chillers make it an ideal spot to either dance or just gather with your friends. The DJs and MC keep the crowds entertained with games and contests throughout the night. Chillers downtown Orlando’s premium spot for bachelorette and birthday parties. Every Wednesday night is Dollar Drink night where, you guessed it, drinks are just one dollar. The place is packed with excitement and energy as this party goes on into the wee hours of the morning as visitors and locals mingle and it’s even been rumored that sparks fly.