Acme Cleaners


204 East Ridgewood Street
Orlando, FL

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Phone Number: (407) 872-1040

About This Location

This dry cleaner has been serving the local Downtown Orlando community since 1928. This convenient location, with a drive thru, makes it easy to drop off your clothes one day and pick them up a few days later. The turnaround time is very quick at Acme. If you get your items in by 10:00 AM, and ask for a rush, they will get it cleaned by 5:00 PM that day and you can even pick up until 7:00 PM. If you miss the 10:00 AM cutoff you will be guaranteed your clothes the following day by 5:00 PM. If your busy Downtown Orlando lifestyle requires you save even more time, you can use their convenient drive-thru to save some time.