Ace Cafe Orlando

Central Business District

100 West Livingston Street
Orlando, FL

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About This Location

Ace Cafe Orlando is the first North American location of the celebrated London-based cafe.  It is located at the corner of West Livingston Street and Garland Avenue on a three-acre parcel in Downtown Orlando in the extensively refurbished 100-year-old Harry P. Leu buildings (the former home of The Edge rock venue).  The Ace spans two floors and features a full-service restaurant, two kitchens, four bars, a coffee bar, a communal counter, a mezzanine overlooking the main floor dining area and stage, private and semi-private group spaces, retail shops, and a motor-inspired  art gallery. Boasting delectable and affordable American diner fare with a twist and also featuring authentic British favorites, Ace Cafe Orlando connects great food and dining with a passion for motoring and live rock ‘n roll, providing a totally unique experience found nowhere else in the U.S.A.