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Horse Drawn Carriages

carriageHorse drawn carriages are a flash to the past way to get around the Orlando Downtown area. Each ride will send you back to historic times and provide an intimate outdoor experience.

Downtown Horse & Carriage, II, Inc.

Downtown Horse & Carriage II, Inc. has been operating in the Orlando area for over 30 years. The company is a locally based, family owned carriage service that specializes in weddings, funerals, baraats, and hayrides. For additional information and to make reservations, please contact Downtown Horse & Carriage II, Inc. at 561.723.4704 or visit

A Hitch ‘N Time Carriage

A Hitch ‘N Time Carriages also provides horse drawn carriage vendor services in Downtown Orlando guests and residents. Contact A Hitch ‘N Time Carriages via phone at 352.394.8851 or visit for additional information and reservations.

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