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Making It New Again: Modernism and Magazines

  • Date: Friday, April 5
  • Time: 5:30 p.m.
  • Location: Della Phillips Grand Lobby - Dr Phillips Center for the Performing Arts Orlando Florida


About This Event

This exhibition showcases student magazines created for Dr. Louise Kane’s Literary Modernism course. The magazines in this exhibition are new versions of some of the vintage arts and poetry magazines from the 1910s and 1920s that students studied as part of the course.

The magazines class (Literary Modernism LIT3714) saw students explore the world of global literary magazines published between 1890-1945. The purpose of the course was to show students how modernism and other literary movements were borne out of global foundations, rather than just occurring as a Westernized concept.

As part of their final assignment for the course, students worked with Special Collections and University Archives at UCF, using the “Zines” and “sol and Sadie Malkoff” Papers, to create their own little magazines. Inspired by movements as diverse as French Surrealism, Hispanic ultraismo, and Italian Futurism, the students produced their own magazines which aim to pose questions important to today’s global age. Some used thier magazines to approach issues like female identity in the wake of #MeToo; some created magazines that also function as pieces of art or jigsaw puzzles, and others used the manifestos from old 1910s magazine as an inspiration to make magazines designed to initiate new art groups and literary movements of their own.

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