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Resident Spotlight: Family goes Carless

This May, Downtown Orlando commuters can earn points, badges and prizes for logging their trips at The initiative, called Go DTO, is a commute challenge for people who commute to work-sites within Downtown Orlando. Jessica and her family are participating in the challenge by going carless.

Both Jessica and her husband, Nate, are Orlando natives who have been living in Downtown Orlando since 2014. Although apartment living reduced their indoor living space, it increased their outdoor amenities and connectedness to all the activities they like the most.

They wanted to do their part by reducing their carbon footprint.Their motivation for going carless was only made possible by moving Downtown.

Their most common form of transportation is either walking or Juice Bike Share. They walk or bike to work and social events and  have their own bikes as well, but love the flexibility and ease of Juice Bike Share.

They also occasionally use SunRail to travel north and south and use ZipCar for trips under a few hours. They strive to schedule their trips deliberately and in the most efficient way possible.

From a financial perspective, they have seen a cost savings. Also, they look forward to spending more time with their friends.

You too can join the commute challenge and celebrate all the transportation amenities that make Downtown Orlando a great place to work. To register for the Go DTO commute challenge, click here.

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