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New Recycling Units in DTO

Recycling has come to Downtown Orlando! As part of Mayor Dyer’s Green Works Initiative, we are rolling out new recycling containers to give residents, visitors, and employees of Downtown the opportunity to recycle while they enjoy the great things to do in the area. This program will accompany the recycling containers recently installed around Lake Eola by Keep Orlando Beautiful. Downtown recycling will begin with 7 BigBelly solar-powered compacting garbage cans that have volumetric sensors, allowing the city team to see the fill level of the garbage and recycling containers in real time. This information will provide insight into the waste stream of downtown, and allow the city to optimize collection efficiency. In addition to the 7 BigBelly containers, the city will be adding 14 new double recycling/garbage containers in December. The labels on our new containers come from Recycle Across America, and bring Orlando into the nationwide movement of standardizing recycling labels to help users better understand what to put in the bin. 

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